Tuesday, April 10, 2012

March news

For March we addressed many bugs and  added new stuff taken from your cases. Thank you for participating in our forums!

Latest collaborations

  1. Option to reload Sequence objects after objectspace commit
    Useful in MiddleTier, when server modifies an object. You can enable this attribute via Model/Opetions node see (http://goo.gl/Mvt5Y)
  2. Wizard module (by noxe) ,now has its own place in Xpand’s FeatureCenter. See it in action under DetailViewControls navigation menu. In addition it is possible to show a wizard detail view directly from the navigation menu. Finally there is special support for FocusDefaultDetailViewItemController
  3. Upgrade to 11.2.10
  4. Logic modules
    Renter bug big thanks to noxe (see http://goo.gl/7f5aW). It is now possible to execute rules when an Action is executed (see http://goo.gl/g2CFT).
  5. Design time errors 
    BaseimPle Copy local=true exceptions have been minimized now. Each module loads its own objects thus minimizing the references you need from your application project
  6. VS New project Item templates and installer
    Martynas and Dima worked on this a lot making sure installer and templates are in a very good shape!
  7. Added generic box implementation as posted in DX forums (see http://goo.gl/Gj9LD big thanks to Alain Bismark )
  8. ModelDifference
    Better support for compile error exceptions (see http://goo.gl/NRxll)
  9. IO
    Add missing reference to ModelArtifact state module.
  10. Add commented connection strings for standard authentication with SqlServer (see http://goo.gl/5IS4Z)
  11. Obsolete SqlDbMapper module
  12. DBMapper
    Support for timestamp database column type for MySql,MsSql,Oracle). In addition MutidataStoreProxy class has one more advantage now, it can operate against legacy databases. Thus DBmapper and WorldCreator can take advantage of this. A new IsLegacy attribute added in PersistentClassInfo to make it possible. Note for the legacy databases inheritance is not supported.
  13. ImportWiz.Win
    Martynas worked on various bugs and localization issues.
  14. Addins
    Used a modified version of format document on save taken from http://goo.gl/0HCiQ

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